Dr. Teeya Scholten

Dr. Teeya Scholten,
Registered Psychologist
Founder and Director,
Empowerment Plus® 
International,  Inc.


The purpose of this website is for you to help yourself by using Empowerment Plus® - a positive, effective and balanced approach to A.D.D. or ADHD. This is what we use with all of our clients to address concerns in the areas of: attention, learning, depression, behavior and relationships.

If… you are an individual who is frustrated with your inability to focus‚ discouraged by your challenges in finishing what you start‚ or worried about yourself or your child who is on medication for A.D.D. or ADHD and is still not achieving to his or her potential

Then… contact a Certified EP+ Practitioner who can guide you as you become the best you can be as naturally as possible

Alternatively… take our 12-item Health and Wellness Survey It will tell you where we can help and help you decide where to begin.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access our FREE material.
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The Online Self-Managed Journey is based on the Empowerment Plus® approach and is designed to help you:

Understand yourself
Appreciate your talents
Learn what to do about your challenges
Accept and celebrate yourself and others
Achieve greater happiness

Should you require assistance or clarification at any point during the process, I would be pleased to answer your questions and refer you to a capable practitioner. (Talk to Dr. Teeya)

If you are ready to find better answers to living a natural and fulfilling life, let's begin your… Self-Managed Journey

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